Elizabeth Garret, Cornell's 13th and the first female president, has passed away recently. Before starting her new position, she severed as Provost at the University of Southern California. The fact that she recently started this new chapter in her life only amplifies the tragedy.

Elizabeth Garret

Here's my eulogy, a eulogy from an engineer:

import Universe.University as University
import Universe.Earth.UnitedStates.NewYork.Ithaca as Ithaca
import Universe.Humans.Person as Person
The history
ezra = Person(1807, "Ezra Cornell")
cornell = University(1865, ezra, Ithaca)
Universe.time.flow(5) # 5 years later, 1870
cornell.admission.admit_female = True # first to admit female students in the Ivies
Universe.time.flow(93) # in 1963
beth = Person(1963, "Helen Elizabeth Garrett")
Universe.time.flow(52) # in 2015
cornell.administration.president = beth
cornell.administration.female_president = True # Cornell's first female president
The tragedy
beth.cancer = True # a tragedy comes up
beth.strong = True # she fought hard and did not give up
weill = cornell.college.weill
    beth.cancer = False
    cornell.president = None
if not beth:
    for person in cornell.community:
        person.mood = sad # we mourn her death
        person.memory.append(beth) # each of us honor her in our memory
while cornell: # as long as Cornell exists
        cornell.community = True # our community stands strong
        cornell.challenge() # and we challenge——even in difficult times
        cornell.try_again() # we do not give up—-just like she did not
    cornell.inspirations += 1
# Elizabeth Garrett, June 30, 1963 – March 6, 2016. RIP.
# 2016-03-08 JSK